• rufiohealy:

    i’m tired of people that think they’re superior in a fanbase because of
    a) their age
    b) the amount of time they’ve known the thing
    c) their follower count

  • I literally just dropped my macbook on the floor i’m such an idiot why do i buy expensive stuff 

  • notpixiegeldof:

Basic outfit post up on Tea and Topshop! (Link in bio) ✌️

your bag is almost as cute as you wowow
  • awesierraome:

    interests: listening to little mix and feeling like i could take over the world

  • girlsinspo:

  • thelayeredlineup:

    It’s about that time that I’ve made some serious decisions about my Tumblr. I started this to escape from the outside world, for fun, because I loved fashion and meeting new people. BUT it’s gotten to a point where I am scared to come online and look at my messages, I see so much hate and anger…

    I’m very sad about this but of course respect your decision. So horrible how people can just ruin something for you like that, really gonna miss you on here! Will never forget when you followed me in the middle of the night and i got so excited, as well as when i first found your tumblr and you had like 3 outfits up! Ahh, wish you best of luck in the future <3 

  • rikkisstyle:

    Guys i was thinking of doing like blue/teal dip dye once i cut my hair and i was thinking about using Washed Up Mermaid. Can’t decided. You guys reckon i should do it?

  • calderholic:

@Eleanorj92​: Thanks @bleachlondon @louteasdale for making my hair nice 😊💁
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