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Hann is so good at posing 

ross though
  • when something you actually can afford and was going to buy sells out.. It’s heart breaking:(((

  • peazerholic:

Danielle and Abbie at Whiskey Mist, 04.20.2014
    The Danish school system can suck it
  • The Stones, Bastille and Outkast on the same day omfg😍😍

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such a cute outfit!!!!!

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skirt skirt skirt skirt

Untitled #11716 by florencia95 featuring crop shirtsZara crop shirt / Zara white mini skirt / Zara moccasin flat / Mulberry over the shoulder purse / ASOS ring / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
  • rikkisstyle:

    Got a text from Google saying that someone tried to login with my email and password, but they didn’t think it was me, so they ignored it and wouldn’t let the person log in..

    It’s the email i use for my blogspot i’m so sad:( If i get hacked, i will literally be so upset.

    It was someone from Arkadelphina in America wtf?? Whoever you are, fuck off

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